Javascript Form Validation and Popups

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Javascript Form Validation and Popups

Ali Awan-2
I have a function that only gets executed during my custom javascript form validation.

So, it only gets called within my validateForm() function which in turn is only called during an onSubmit.

The function that I'm talking about opens a popup window, which populates a hidden form field on the parent's form and then closes itself.

Parent Window - Form

Child Window - called by Parent-Form-onSubmit-validateForm() function

My question is this:  In my function that calls the popup window, I want to check the hidden form field value and do some other things.

The problem is that once the popup window is called, it does what it is supposed to and closes itself, but then everything on the parent window seems to stop.  What i mean is that, any other function called after the window popup DOES NOT execute.  When I do "alerts" after the call, the alerts popup simultaneously as the window pops up.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know what I'm talking about?

Thanks in advance,


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